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Cure Violence Program Manager

Cure Violence is a strategic, evidence-based, public health approach to reduce and prevent shootings and
killings in Jacksonville. The Cure Violence Program Manager is responsible for overall management of the
Cure Violence program and Cure Violence team, and facilitates implementation of the program with
fidelity to the Cure Violence model. The Program Manager is also responsible for building relationships
with community based groups, residents, elected officials and law enforcement to educate community
stakeholders about the Cure Violence program, to identify resources, collaboration efforts, and to assists
community mobilization efforts around the issue of violence in order to help facilitate community norm

Community Mobilization

  • • Using community organizing techniques (see Community Organizing and Community Building for Health, Meredith Minkler, 2005) as presented in the Cure Violence training to mobilize the community to engage in activities that will help change the thinking and norms, so that shooting and killing is no longer an acceptable behavior and to create alternatives for those currently at highest risk for shooting someone or being shot.

  • Recruit and manage an active volunteer base to: participate in shooting responses; canvass the neighborhood; participate in the planning and execution of community activities; and, help identify auxiliary resources and provide advocacy on behalf of the highest risk.

  • Within the first two (2) months of Cure Violence program implementation, works with the City of Jacksonville and Cure Violence Global to develop a formalized Violence Prevention plan to reduce shootings and killings in their community. The Violence Prevention Plan shall include/adhere to the following:

    • Includes the strategic mapping as presented during Cure Violence training: A block-by-block assessment of shooting and homicide data, hotspot areas, high-risk groups, participants, shooting and homicide goals, conflict mediations, etc.

    • Utilizes the “framework for violence prevention” provided by Cure Violence to prioritize strategies and identify outcomes;

    • Produces a written violence prevention plan tailored to the specific needs of Cure Violence communities that specifies short and long-term goals that are consistent with the goals of Cure Violence; and,

    • Facilitates implementation of the strategies identified in the plan with an emphasis on 
      maximum engagement of community residents and existing community services.

  • Plans and implements responses to shootings with community residents and other local partners within seventy-two (72 hours) of notification of a shooting

  • Organizes and executes a minimum of 2-12 community activities during contract period (does not include Cure Violence Week); Organizes and executes a minimum of 2-3 community activities during
    Cure Violence Week

  • Manages and tracks Cure Violence public education materials in the target area

Resource Development

  • Develops relationships with local service providers and program partners, including law enforcement, faith leaders, and community stakeholders, in order to identify and access resources for the highest risk.

Team Management

  • Responsible for the adoption and continued implementation of Cure Violence Program Management

best practices as taught in the required Cure Violence Program Management Training
Directly manage, and coordinate with outreach supervisor to provide and participate in:

  1.  Organizing hiring panels

  2. Regular weekly (i.e., same day, same time) staff meetings

  3. Regularly weekly supervision for Outreach Supervisor

  4. Participation in strategic planning for day to day activities (to include attending briefings)

  5. Additionally, Program Managers must: Participate in administrative/management meetings for Cure Violence, and act as a communication liaison for the other staff members regarding the proceedings of these administrative meetings

  6. Regular, timely completion of Cure Violence documentation and reports

Program Monitoring

  • Participates in evaluation activities of the community-based violence prevention program and organizes and participates in a review of program progress.

  • Participates in regular meetings with City of Jacksonville/Cure Violence staff to:

  1. Review and assess progress to programmatic goals as stated in the Scope of Work

  2. Assess relevance and adequacy of the violence prevention plan as it is developed;

  3. Refocus the violence prevention plan as needed based on these meetings; and

  4. Determine other priority needs and goals.

  • Attends monthly scheduled Community Partners meetings and contributes to the success of the meeting by submitting potential agenda topics, actively engaging in these meetings and interacting with representatives from other agencies that do similar work in Illinois.


  • Qualifications

  • Excellent communication skills (written and verbal)

  • Proven management experience

  • Proven community organizing abilities

  • Proven ability to document programmatic activities and assist others in doing so

  • Experience and/or training in crisis intervention and staff supervision

  • Valid driver’s license, insurance, and good driving record

  • No pending criminal cases or prior convictions for domestic violence (within 10 years) or prior convictions for sexual assault or child abuse.

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