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NJCDC is a workplace like no other. Working for the greater good of the community is well worth it. If you have a burning sense of purpose in you, NJCDC might just be the right employer for you.


Current Openings

NJCDC is currently looking for a bookkeeper.  Responsibilities include at least the following:

  • Report directly to CEO

  • Reviewing all accounts. 

  • Account Balancing and reconciling

  • Preparing monthly financial reports to help analyze statement of financial positionf directors.

  • Preparing other comprehensive reports as requested. 

  • Comparing actual vs. budgeted expenses/income in relation to annual budget.

  • Comparing actual expenses and income year-to-year. 

  • Preparing your books for audit. 

  • Filing your nonprofit’s Form 990. 

  • Reconcile all bank accounts. A

  • Review all bank accounts to ensure they meet GAAP compliance standards. 

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